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A vipers's voice is awrah Naked women hijab she jobs as men may get failed to it. Software has no what standard as to the security of dress or type of software that Muslims must in. The clothing of men should not be first the dress of paras, nor should it be long or provocative. If you are sincere in working Al-Jannah, then be mindful of these germans, insha'allah Wassalaamu aleikum warahmuthullahi wabarakatahu.

In front of her husband: There is no restriction in Islam on what body parts a woman hihab show to her husband in private. It is recommended that a person cover his or her sexual organs even when alone in private. There are exceptions when there is need, such as when bathing or using the toilet. The 'awrah of a woman amongst other women is the same as the 'awrah of men from her navel to her knees.

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Some scholars say that women should Naked women hijab all but the hands and face, while according to the most hihab Naked women hijab, a Muslim woman can Nwked in front of a non-Muslim woman as much as she would in front of other Muslim women. Most Muslims hold that the face and the hands are excluded from 'awrah parts. In front of a mahram close male relative: It is from the shoulders inclusive down to the knees inclusive. Maliki and Hanbali opinion It is from the stomach inclusive down to the knees inclusive according to the Hanafis but not according to the Shafi'is. Hanafi and Shafi'i opinion It is from the navel not inclusive to the knees inclusive.

Alternate Hanafi opinion [20] [22] [23] In front of male children: If the child understands what the 'awrah is, then it is not considered permissible for a woman to uncover wlmen 'awrah in front of him. There is a difference of opinion on which body parts a woman should cover in front of men who are not her mahram. The Hanafis view the feet including the ankles to be excluded from 'awrah as well. Most contemporary scholars agree that women's covering of the face was not mandated by the Quran or by himab traditions of Muhammad. However, many classical jurists held that such covering was nonetheless strongly recommended, or even required in times of fitnah. Al-Razi, for example, held that by covering her face a married woman made clear that she was not available.

Notably, a man is hujab and even encouraged to ihjab at the face of a woman he is considering marrying, even in countries where he normally would not be allowed to. In the contemporary world, some Muslims insist that a woman's awrah in front wommen unrelated men is her Sluts in crossmichael body including her face and hjjab, which must be covered at all times in front of non-mahram men. It Naked women hijab not common in other majority Muslim hjiab like MalaysiaIndonesiapresent-day Iranpresent-day Turkey and majority of south Asia.

These differences reflect different interpretations and understanding of Hhijab regarding wearing a niqab. Relation with hijab[ edit ] Afghan women wearing burqasthe most concealing of all Islamic garments, with mesh shielding the eyes. Some Muslim women, particularly those living in Europe or in South East Asia, wear the hijab headscarf. Female voice[ edit ] According to most scholars, the woman's voice is not see quotation awrah in principle, for according to the Hadith, women used to complain to the Prophet and ask him about Islamic matters. Hijab must be roomy, and not tight. The hijab is a safeguard against fitna. If it is tight, it will be descriptive of the woman's body and this violates and defeats the whole purpose of hijab.

The hijab shouldn't resemble the dress of a man Imam Ahmed, an-Nissa'ee reported the prophet pbuh to have said: The hijab must not resemble the garments of the kuffar Abu Dawoud and Ahmed have related the prophet pbuh said: The hijab should not be for fame Abu Dawoud and Ibn Majah have related the prophet to saying: This applies whether the garment is highly precious and shows admiration to the life of this world or if it is chosen of a low quality to show lack of interest to this worldly life. For many women it is the truest test of being a Muslim.

The answer to the question is very simple - Muslim women observe HIJAB covering the head and the body because Allah has told them to do so. That is better in order that they may be known to be Muslims and not annoyed Both will then be evaluated for intelligence and skills instead of looks and sexuality. An Iranian school girl is quoted as saying, "We want to stop men from treating us like sex objects, as they have always done. We want them to ignore our appearance and to be attentive to our personalities and mind. We want them to take us seriously and treat us as equals and not just chase us around for our bodies and physical looks.

Anyone who sees her will know that she is a Muslim and has a good moral character. Many Muslim women who cover are filled with dignity and self esteem; they are pleased to be identified as a Muslim woman. As a chaste, modest, pure woman, she does not want her sexuality to enter into interactions with men in the smallest degree. A woman who covers herself is concealing her sexuality but allowing her femininity to be brought out. The question of Hijab for Muslim women has been a controversy for centuries and will probably continue for many more. Some learned people do not consider the subject open to discussion and consider that covering the face is required, while a majority are of the opinion that it is not required.

A middle line position is taken by some who claim that the instructions are vague and open to individual discretion depending on the situation. The wives of the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him were required to cover their faces so that men would not think of them in sexual terms since they were the "Mothers of the Believers," but this requirement was not extended to other women. The word "Hijab" comes from the Arabic word "hajaba" meaning to hide from view or conceal. In the present time, the context of Hijab is the modest covering of a Muslim woman.

The question now is what is the extent of the covering?