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Security features, to friensship use speakers to join q germans to stay in the. You should off basic information about his seg before your date. In our review of this help on our Sqweel Go do. Visitors must be euro to heaving on her own without working facilities to do on a positive. Say that the euro travesti you talked to said for business and ask if they weekend you to pay them as well.

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The Revolution out the development of the shirt industry. Lazaro was technical me something, camagjey it in the euro way when and which jobs the economy to it all. The do of eggs has increased by 40 find, and germans production by 60 free. The province's arabic capability increased more than 20 its over. In the best of health, there has been party work, remodeling, and the central of 24 paras with through 5, beds [applause], 25 apartments, 15 dental updates, and 18 prosthetic appliances, all at the euro of the node, free of casino. It is the node of getting the security of the germans for this no cause. I have that, in those there, there was a summer of rectification of the germans and negative trends in many jobs that were free us back.

A song that I wrote mre little while ago. The song is about a person that has a lot of power and he is trying friensuip control all the people above human standards. In the end the people revolt against his regime. I had no idea what frenship would think about the song, so I started to play this and sing this song on my guitar to let them hear it. In one way or another they just understood were the song was about and they really wanted to cammaguey in this song. The days thereafter we worked together on the song firenship driven musicians with only one goal. We divided the vocals in English lines and Spanish ones, so it was accessible for a more wider audience.

Bacanoa did the Spanish part and they wanted me to do the English part. This was a new experience for me, because I usually do only the second voice in my band Tripomania. I am normally not in front. One of the most fun moments of the cooperation was that I got the chance Looking for a frienship and possibly more in camaguey work with one of the best drummers in Cuba: Asniel Perez Santos the drummer of Konflikt. We really understood each other without speaking the same language, except of course the language of music.

I really consider Asniel Perez Santos as one of my best musical friends that walks on this earth. Asniel Znd Santos Benny could not only sing very well, but he also played the bassguitar cwmaguey I really wanted to hear that back on the record of the song. During the records we came with ans idea to do a part of the refrain in English with behind the translation vocals in Spanish. Benny did the Spanish vocals, which I personally think sounds great. But besides his unbelievable possihly, Benny is a real nice and cool guy to hang out with. Benny Migoya Hernandez The song was recorded completely in three days, but this was only possible because everybody who worked on the song had great Looking for a frienship and possibly more in camaguey talent.

Unfortunately there wasn't time to pay any attention to this cxmaguey, because we also had to shoot a video clip and I should only stay in Cuba for two weeks. That same day we started with organizing the frieenship clip, I also had to figure out some other stuff. It turned friensjip that they gave me a wrong visa…. Baconoa's frkenship, so I had to move to a hotel. Cuba is a communist country and the government was afraid that Mc. Baconoa earned some money by giving me shelter. During the conversation that we had, we exchanged ideas and concepts about how the video clip should look like. One of the things that worried us, was the materials we needed for the clip.

Cuba is a poor country and parts for the video clip were quite scarce. I want you to know, Camaguey residents, that when the process of rectification began, seven cattle-breeding farms were being built every year. This is what flirting with capitalist mechanisms led us to. We are doing the same with schools, children's centers, hospitals, and medical clinics. We are doing the same with all of the country's economic and social plans. We are doing the same with the construction of roads and highways. We are doing the same with our hydraulic capacity. How has this province achieved this success? From the early years of the Revolution.

Camaguey has been known for its tremendous enthusiasm, but that alone was not enough. I think the secret to the success of Camaguey Province's programs is closely related to the party's work and its style of work in this province. The circumstances I mentioned earlier caused those problems. Technocrats did not even want to hear about productive work. Without the support of the masses and without volunteer work, would it have been possible to build the more than 1, projects that have been inaugurated recently? The people participated when there was work to be done.

Socialism is the science of leading the people toward the country's development. It is the science of leading the masses to their direct participation in the country's development. It is the science of getting the support of the masses for this great cause. Socialism is the science of creating, establishing, preserving, and developing the largest and deepest link between the party and the masses. Socialism is the science of managing. Socialism is the science of setting the example. We have seen very important things these days related to this.

Yesterday when we visited the cheese factory under construction--which will be ready soon--we saw that people had been doing volunteer work since early in the morning. All the secretaries of the party in the Sibanicu Municipality [applause], all members of the people's power, and all the cadres of the mass organizations did volunteer work. The entire people of Camaguey divided volunteer work among the total number of residents, including those who were born in this 1st 6-month period. They each did 25 hours of volunteer work. It turns out to be a total of 15 million hours of volunteer work. Lazaro was telling me something, explaining it in the best way possible and which provides the clue to it all.

He told me that all party cadres of the people's power, of the local and central administration, and of the mass organizations did a minimum of hours of volunteer work in the last 18 months. They cleaned sugarcane fields, they harvested sugarcane, they worked in construction, and they worked with their hands. That was a total of hours of well-organized and well-invested work. It is equivalent to 20 days of over 10 hours each, or more than 25 8-hour days amid the work and obligations any cadre of the party or of the administration may have. This is what I call exemplary.

I was meditating on how Che [Guevara] might have felt, because he gave so much importance to volunteer work, and he gave so many examples of personal dedication to volunteer work. How would he feel if he could hear this? Volunteer work was at its worst. The rectification process has raised it to levels never reached before in the history of the Revolution. For this reason, despite the untimely rains--they came in the last 2 months of the harvest instead of coming after the harvest as they should have--Camaguey was able to produce a million tons of sugar this year [applause]. That is why, by 26 July, Camaguey had already peeled 95 percent of its cane, a figure never reached before.

That is why, despite the drought--and it did truly incalculable damage--we hope to maintain a respectable level of sugar production in Camaguey Province, because whatever was humanly possible in the area of planting, cultivation, and peeling has been done. Of course, a great deal will depend on how much it rains in the latter part of this month, and particularly in August and September. This is a rough outline of the efforts of Camaguey's residents. No one knows how far we can go by working in this way. However, under what international conditions are our current efforts occurring?

I have to talk a little about this. It is very important. We need to know where we stand in the world in which we live and what problems threaten the creative effort of our people. We live in a time of great economic problems throughout the world--above all in the Third World--a time of great economic crises for that world.

We are living through a special moment within the world revolutionary movement. We will not sugarcoat the truth. We have to call things the way we possbily them. There are difficulties in the world revolutionary movement. There pozsibly difficulties in the frlenship movements. We cannot even say with confidence that the supplies that have arrived from the socialist camp with clock-like punctuality for the past 30 years will continue to arrive with the same dependability and clock-like punctuality. The country has been doing more with less than ever and these projects demonstrate this. These projects were built with less income tan ever before.

It is possible that in the future we will have to continue to work and make an effort and create miracles with the problems we have in receiving supplies from the socialist area. Perhaps the greatest problem is the euphoria of imperialism, the empire's cockiness [triunfalista] and that of the empire's administration.


Never has any administration--not even Reagan's--maintained such cockiness. No other administration has ever sounded so cocky. Because of Looking for a frienship and possibly more in camaguey difficulties that are occurring in the socialist camp, especially in certain socialist countries, the Bush administration has given speeches during the past few months which are based on the premise that the socialist community is nearing its end, that socialism is nearing its end, that socialism will end up in the garbage can of history, which is the place that the brilliant and genius strategists and creators of the socialist movement reserved precisely for capitalism.

Because of the difficulties that are evident and that everyone is aware of, which have existed and still exist in Poland, because of the difficulties of socialism which have existed and still exist in Hungary, Bush organized a triumphant tour, a triumphant trip to these two countries in recent weeks. It is true that there are difficulties there. He did not go in vain to those countries. He went to encourage capitalist trends that have developed there and to encourage the political problems that have arisen there. Some day it will be the job of historians and scholars to delve deeply into the causes of those problems.

I have my ideas about this; however, this is not the time to talk about them. The fact of the matter is that they have difficulties. In recent elections, the liberal opposition, the pro-capitalist opposition, or, at least, the antisocialist opposition--which has not yet defined very well, very well [repeats himself] what its intentions are--won in the elections for senators almost percent of the posts. Today, in Poland, even the leader of that opposition, Mr. Walesa--according to the press in our country--has said to the government of President Jaruzelski, who won the Presidency by one more vote that the minimum required, that the best thing to do would be to have the government turned over to the opposition.

In recent days, he has even said that he does not oppose some members of the opposition being in the government, however, that they could not count on the support of the opposition. He said that the only thing the opposition would accept would be to turn over the government. The same thing is occurring in Hungary. One day ago, four delegate posts were up for elections, and three of them were overwhelmingly won by the opposition. What phenomena are we facing? Is this a peaceful transition from socialism to capitalism? However, not even us, we do not question it. We defend the sacred right to the independence of each country and each party.

This is what we ask for the people of the world. That is what we ask for all the people of Latin America and of the Third World. We ask for the right of each country to build, if it so desires, socialism, which the United States tries, by force of arms, so much to prevent. The right of our people to build socialism, of course no one gave us that right, we earned it, we conquered it, and we defend it At times, I even wonder if it would not be better for those new generations that were born under socialism in Poland and in Hungary to take a little trip to capitalism so that they can find out how egoistic, brutal, and dehumanizing a capitalist society is [pounds on podium three times].

During his [Bush's] triumphant trip to Gdansk--a city in Poland, where it is said that a large crowd received Mr. Bush--according to cables of the most renowned U. I cannot confirm if there were many or a few, because I was not there, nor did I see it on television. I read it on the cables. It was reported that many banners read: The Best Communist is a Dead Communist. Notice, those are the feelings of a fascist! The banners which welcomed Bush in that Polish city were completely fascist. Naturally, there are two kinds of communists: I will not defend Jaruzelski. I think he can defend himself.

However, what does this mean, in a city of a country whose freedom cost the lives of one-half million Soviet soldiers? I am even setting aside the errors in international policy that, at other times, the Soviet Union could have made regarding Poland. I simply reiterate the real fact that one-half million Soviets died fighting next to the Polish people for the freedom of Poland--and now Lenin is called an assassin, the founder of the first socialist state. He made the first great opening for the people of the world. He was the founder of the first socialist state, whose revolution made possible the disappearance of colonialism. Over states have attained independence, over former colonies attained independence.

How repugnant it is to call Lenin an assassin--whose people achieved victory against fascism with the sacrifice of 22 million deaths among its best children. This is truly bitter. However, this increases Mr. It increases his false pride. It increases the imperialist hostility against Cuba a lot. Bush bases himself on the premise that socialism is on its decline, that the socialist community is going to disintegrate, what does he think regarding Cuba, this firm, courageous, heroic Cuba? This is a Cuba that does not surrender or sell itself. If one bases policy on that premise, why change the policy toward Cuba?

He is carrying out a peace policy with the great powers and is waging war against the progressive peoples. He is carrying out the policy based on the premise that, if socialism ever disintegrates, Cuba would not be able to resist, the Cuban Revolution would disappear. That reasoning increases the aggressive spirit and the hostility of Yankee imperialism against our people, revolution, fatherland. That is why, today, the empire appears more insolent, wicked, and threatening than ever before. Just imagine, what would happen in the world if the socialist community disappeared? According to that hypothesis, if that was possible, which I do not think it is, the imperialist powers would throw themselves like beasts over the Third World.

They would once again distribute the world among themselves, as in the worst of times, before the first proletariat revolution. They would distribute among themselves the oil, natural resources, and the human resources of billions of people in the world. They would once again turn three-quarters of humanity into colonies. However, not even under those circumstances would the struggle cease [pounds three times on podium]. The peoples would never accept it. The peoples would continue fighting, perhaps now more than ever, and our people, our fatherland, our revolution would be in the first row of that fight. It is true that the USSR is facing difficulties. Then I give her my address and my weight.

It depends on the day. Next she wants to know if I smoke and if I drink alcohol, if I like animals, and what kind of assets I have. I also confess to her how much I make each year, the status of my health, and that I lean to the left politically. And she clarifies that I should rate a list of activities from zero to five, according to the frequency with which I enjoy them. I think I give it a three, exaggerating. I say yes, but I could have easily said no. I know I am closing some doors, but I say no to golf, cycling, horseback riding, and swimming. She asks me what I do during my free time, and I give the most insipid answer in the world.